Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Fistful of Utopias - Part I

A Fistful of Utopias:  Part I
Eva Kosinski

I spend a good deal of time poking around in the Kindle book section for works that are interesting, and most importantly, budget friendly. I came across "8 Novels of Utopia" for a grand total of $.99 and thought this was interesting....many were from the 19th century. So I decided to look to see how far back the tendency went to find the perfect society via literature. I found the namesake for the concept, Sir Thomas More's "Utopia," the same Thomas More who was Lord High Chancellor for Henry VIII, later beheaded by said King for refusing to call the King the head of the Church, and later canonized by the Catholic Church). "Utopia" was published in 1515. Then I remembered Plato's "Republic" dating back, according to Wikipedia, to 380BC. (comments on that one, I will leave to the many college philosophy courses that deal with its complexities)

It seems to this very minute, people are still discussing the idea of a perfect society, one that would rid itself of elitist control, poverty, injustice, and bias, but to date, few have actually managed to come off the written page and enter the reality that we live in. Various attempts have been tried, usually resulting in either extreme poverty with power concentrated at the top, or total economic collapse. There's an old saw that gets quoted from time to time, usually referring to death and taxes: "If someone had figured out how to deal with them, they long since would have cashed in and made a fortune." That doesn't mean they don't continue to try. Should you have any doubt, go to google images and type in Utopia. Across the years there are dozens of books, and more and more editions of, and discussions of, Utopian concepts.

Friday, October 30, 2015

All Goodies for Halloween

Do you like blog hops with a theme? Care to visit some spooky posts and some blogs with free book treats? Have we got the order of the day for you!

First up is a link to my very own short fiction story. Second, we have a list of interesting spooky stories from some of our favorite bloggers and sites. Next in this Halloween Roundup is a blog hop full of spooky stories, art, and books. Finally, it is the blog hop where you trick or treat for free books.  Check out the links below for a fun filled special day.

Treats From
The Candy Store
Halloween Hoot Owls
For our give away, Bent Briar Publishing is offering their latest book, The Candy Store, in e-book form AND a chance to receive an ARC of a ghost story/mystery to be released early next summer. All you need to do is go to their Facebook page, like the page, and leave a private message saying you are trick or treating. Also mention if you want to be part of the drawing for the ARC next summer.

Now on to the FUN!

Short fiction! The Perfect Man - a Halloween Tale

Interesting Halloween fitting links:

Actor Mechelle Lassiter 
A Haunted Dollhouse?  Enjoy a scary, short movie, too!


Haunted Roads throughout the world.

Ghost Stories to thrill you.

Halloween History? Can you believe how fast traditions come and go?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Calling All Bloggers And Two Book Giveaways!

Calling all bloggers. 

A Book A Day Reviews is participating in a blog tour for Michele Poague's newest book, The Candy Store.  The good news is bloggers can win prizes for the best blogs and the most comments.  Our readers can win gifts as well through a raffle. The bad news is there are not enough participants to make a good tour. So, if you have a blog and you have a slot open sometime near the end of October or the first two weeks of November where you can put an interview, a guest post, or a fun quiz, drop a comment. or send me a note at SundaySterling at aol d0t com.  Who knows, you might find yourself $50 richer!

Today I have two books giveaways:

How lucky we are to have two books up for grabs! Actually we have three since  Poague is celebrating the release of her new book by giving away two copies of her very first novel and Karla Tipton is passing along one of hers.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Interview with Karla Tipton

It has been awhile since we've done an author interview. Today we are welcoming Karla Tipton, author of the Dangerous Reflections, a time travel mystery involving a modern-day college graduate student, who stumbles into a world of magic mirrors, evil wizards, and English alchemy and discovers love along the way.

     Set in in present-day Pennsylvania and Edwardian London, Dangerous Reflections tells the story of Martie Harris, a university graduate student in psychology who inherits a magic wand and seeks to solve a mystery left in a letter by her dying grandmother. With the help of her former Ph.D. advisor, the dark wizard Marcus Cirksena, Martie time travels through the aid of magic and mirrors to London in 1910, where she attempts to save her grandmother by stealing the Philosopher’s Stone and its life-giving elixir from a handsome wizard named Alastor.

      A fast-paced romantic adventure packed with alchemy, illusion and family secrets, Dangerous Reflections explores relationships and illustrates how our perception of others changes what we see, and ultimately feel, about them. The novel builds around a number of intriguing characters, whose motives are slowly revealed against the turbulent setting of magic and mysticism in turn-of-the-century England. Tipton develops a story notable for its dramatic descriptions and finely nuanced atmosphere and surrounds the reader in the world she has created, keeping the tension perfectly balanced all the way to the novel’s climactic finish.Dangerous Reflections
by Karla Tipton

ISBN 978-1502812377