Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Summer Giveaway is almost over.  Don't forget to join in the fun!


 It has been much too long since we have had a giveaway! So let's have a Welcome to Summer books and blog giveaway.   We will start by offering a $15 gift certificate at Amazon for those who sign up to follow A Book A Day Reviews and follow with a $15 for the best comment we get between now and June 22nd. Everyone get their fingers ready and do some commenting! The winners will be announced before the end of June.

As an eclectic site, I hate to offer books as so many of us don't read the same things.  However, if you would prefer to get books instead of a gift certificate, let your voices be heard. Tell us what you want to see in a give away.  The afghan was very popular and we may be offering another for a Winter giveaway, so keep a look out for it.

Michele Poague's Healing Crystal Book 3 Ranson

As a final note, we will be getting one of the first copies of the Michele Poague's final book of the Healing Crystal trilogy as soon as it is out.  This trilogy has received high reviews, so if you are looking to snag a copy of third book for free, put your name in the bucket by leaving a comment to let us know. This drawing will close as soon as the third book is out in print - sometime in late August or early September.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

24:01 and other scary adventures

Did you watch the Twilight Zone as a kid? Or The Outer Limits, the Sixth Sense or maybe Alfred Hitchcock Presents? I enjoyed these as a kid. In fact, we kids would work hard to get the house cleaned on Saturday by three o'clock just so we could watch Alfred Hitchcock and later Beyond the Limits. BtL had made up stories based on real events, similar to Law and Order as in "stories ripped from the headlines", except BtL took stories from the  science realm instead of crime.  Many of the Twilight Zone shows were based on previously published stories by well known and not so well known authors. I have just finished reading a couple of books that could be used for such shows. I also have a short interview of Peggy Randall-Martin which fits right into the topic.

Do not adjust your computer. We control the light and sound. We control the horizontal....

First up 24:01 One Minute After.  Doesn't this just sound like a Twilight Zone - Outer Limits type of collection?