Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saving Faith Is it Possible?

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Have you ever read a book and wondered if you were reading two stories? There is the story the book is about and then there is the story in the background. The book might be about a boy and girl becoming friends but in the background one of them is learning to deal with the death of their mother. Or the story might be about a boy's summer with his old uncles but the background story is about dealing with loss. Sometime the background story is the real story but it can just as easily be a story that grownups see while the younger reader only sees the main or obvious story.  There are writers that take on more levels than just two. I can not imagine how hard it would be to write several different stories at once, keeping all the threads there and interwoven into a coherent tale.  Life is like that, though, with stories upon stories all happening at once.

Today's choice, Saving Faith, by Patrick M Garry, not only tells several tales, even the name of the book doubles as the title of both the under story and the main story.  Did Garry mean to do this? I believe so. His choice of Faith as a woman's name which can also be faith, as in belief, seems too perfect.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Breeders - A Dystopian Future

The Breeders
Matthew J. Beier
November 17, 2013

What ifs are often the business of science fiction. What if there were faster than light travel? What if mutant bugs took over the world? What if we really could control our genetics? Science fiction helps us to look out at the world with a more objective view, so we can see our flaws as others would see them, and hopefully get a clue. When the landscape is not some far out planet, or far future vastly different from our own, however, the lessons are harder to see.