Friday, September 30, 2011

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Quick and Easy Availble
Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author
by Zoe Winters
Publisher: Incur Books 

From Amazon:
What would you pay to gain the knowledge to self-publish your book with the least hassle and overall expense? Indie author, Zoe Winters, paid over $250 in books and magazines, plus trial-and-error experience to gain her knowledge. Becoming an Indie Author distills that knowledge into one easily-digestible ebook with motivation, tips, tricks, and a road map that cuts out the fluff and BS for under $5.

About the book:
Non fiction books are relatively easy to describe.  This book takes you from the very glint in your eye desire to self-publish all the way to whooooa glad that is done stage. It covers things like having the right attitude, what are the success predictors, to cover design, to editing and formatting, and finally to marketing.  

My take:
      I found the book quite engaging and the writing so well done from the stand point of flow, I would have enjoyed it even if I was not particularly interested in the topic. The short of it, the writer can write. It feels good to live in her words, drift down her stream, or whatever other metaphor you might favor.
     As to the actual content of the book, the information provided is excellent for a newcomer.  It does give some detail in the various stages of how to produce an indie book, mostly ebook, and the whys of publishing indie.  I must say it convinced me. I do wish the book would have gone into a little more depth with each of the phases of publishing and of marketing. Of course, if you look at this as an entry level book, it is perfect.  It allows the reader to see the whole process and allows her to chose which areas to research further.
     It is said that during the gold rush days in both California and Alaska almost no miners really struck it rich. The people who sold them the goods to mine were the ones who did. This is still evident today in "how to strike it rich in ____" fill in the blank - real estate, MLS, stock market. So when I read a book in this nature, I always want to know, is the author making money in the field or are they making money off those who desire to make money in the field. In Zoe Winter's case it is a little of both.  She has published several indie books, including The Preternaturals Series, and has sold over 50,000 copies, meaning she speaks from experience. It also means she has sold plenty of real, live books and is not making her money by trading on other people's dreams.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in indie publishing or an phase of indie publishing.

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