Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Card Ghosts

"Take my hand." said the ghost
Oh, it is that time of year; ghosts and goblins; trick or treat; life and death; and apples to eat! So here is your trick. How would a toddler survive a knife welding assassin? Well, by trooping off to the local graveyard of course. And who would take care of him? The ghosts who live there, who else? And how long could he stay there?

This is Wild Card Wednesday and I really do have something new for you. While cruising through my Twitter feed, I found a wonderful tweet.  Many of you, if you follow me on Twitter, may have seen it as a re-tweet from me. And here is your treat! Listen, my readers, and you shall hear Neil Gaiman read from his work "The Graveyard Book" with clear, cool charm.  Neil Gaiman’s | The Graveyard Book Video Tour Readings

To me, this is quite a unique tale. I'd like to tell you all how good this story is but the fact it has won the Newbery Medal, the Carnegie Medal, and the Hugo Award (my favorite BTW), says it so much better than I ever could. So let's leave it at that. My suggestion is you take a look at the link and listen to at least chapter one. Then tell me you aren't hooked on The Graveyard Book. I certainly was.

They say authors shouldn't read their own work since writers are rarely actors, but those people have never heard Gaiman. It's truly excellent, even if it is not 'acted'.  At first, having heard many a book on tape, I was distracted by watching him read...well, have you seen him? Who could blame me? Within three or so minutes, his rugged good looks gave way to the beauty of the smooth snugness of the words which then gave way to a captivating tale. One I plan to buy. Just so I can read it. And perhaps review it in the future. (But mostly I want to see how he weaves words together in such a poetic way.) As to a review, for now, the awards speak for the book. Besides, I got to read it first!

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