Saturday, November 5, 2011

How do they do it?

Have you noticed how many books are now available? How does one chose? More than that, ever wonder if you can do it yourself? I've written some things but every time I discover the end, I lose interest. Ah, well, I only write long enough to find out what happens, not to sell. But maybe you are different. Do you have that novel you want to get out to the masses but don't know how? Then today's selection might be right for you.

How to Make, Market, and Sell Ebooks All for Free!
By Jason Matthews
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 162

From the author:
As an independent author of two novels, I learned the hard way how expensive it can be to make and sell ebooks without seeing great results. After much frustration, I put my efforts into using everything I could find online that was free. Guess what? I started selling ebooks and it wasn't costing anything.

This book is a collection of what I've learned after doing this for a few years. I guarantee it will save you time, money and energy. More importantly, it will help you share your stories with the world.

To your success,

-Jason Matthews

About the Book:
This book takes you from publishing an ebook, through the marketing  and selling of that book. The only thing this book does not do is write the book for you. Useful insights and links help the would be writer find some of the best tools of the trade for free. Yes, that's right, for free. No, this book is not free but it shows where the writer can find useful tools to create and sell  ebooks for free. Matthews also adds some tool sites that are low cost instead of free, in case the reader would like to upgrade some of his publishing or marketing. While the book itself isn't cheap - no 99 cent special here, it has the potential to save someone thousands of dollars, while allowing the writer to hold onto control of their work.
My Take:
All in all I found this book not only informative but interesting reading. I did try some of the links and found they all still work which is important in our fast paced lives. Matthews actually does take the reader step by step through the maze of self publishing and selling. It is laid out in an easy to read and follow format with plenty of links along the way to show the reader how to do it. Even  computer novices like me could work their way through this process without much difficulty.

I would recommend this work to anyone even thinking of writing an ebook and self-publishing.


  1. interesting post sunday,i have a request,can you add the books about fairy tales

  2. Thank you for the comment. I will add more about fairy tales. I just finished reading the Blue Fairy Book which I loved when I was about 8. The ebook doesn't have any of the wonderful illustrations in it. I also didn't remember the wording of the stories being so odd but if you like fairy tales, this book has a bunch.
    I wrote a fairy tale for my nieces and nephews recently. It is for a very young audience but if you like, I can either post it here so send it to you.

  3. Thanks for this very thoughtful review.

  4. I'm glad you liked it. Reading this type of non-fiction usually is a drag but your book was quite easy. You did a great job!


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