Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wimps Unite!

Well, friends, I am back. I did the novel in thirty days ( ) thing and what fun! It was a lot of work but so much fun, especially watching the meter on your word count climb daily. I am so glad I didn't wimp out. But now I want to get back to writing words for you, our reader. We have several books in the queue for you, which I plan to get out to you over the next several days.

First up is a lean book called Weight Loss for Wimps: How to Lose Belly Fat, Look Years Younger and Get Healthy, Sexy and Thin by Kevin C. Myers. When I say this is a lean book, I mean lean. There are no extra words. Just get down to the bone, how to do it talk.

Weight Loss for Wimps: How to Lose Belly Fat, Look Years Younger and Get Healthy, Sexy and Thin 
by Kevin C. Myers
Publisher: BlueChip Press, LLC
PDF pages 186

From Amazon: 
Are you feeling angry, upset, fearful or sad about your weight... how about jealous or envious? Good! Fantastic! Maybe you've reached the all-important "tipping point!"

Losing weight, just like gaining weight, is an emotional experience. Weight Loss for Wimps is the solution you're looking for to learn HOW to channel your negative emotions and let your positive emotions run wild. This is the process of "getting your mindset mojo!"

You Might Be a Weight Loss Wimp If...
* Your favorite restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet
* You start thinking about your New Year's resolution in June
* The longest you ever stay on a diet is 4 days, tops
* You count ketchup as a "vegetable"
* You don't want to go to the wedding or class reunion because of your weight

Finally, a book that includes (among many other things) a step-by-step action plan to combat the most powerful diet busters (Bad Boys) known to man:

* How to deal effectively with Hunger (real and fake)
* How to knock-out any and all Excuses
* How to control and conquer Emotional Eating
* How to minimize Stress in your daily life (easier than you think!)

About the book:
The book is divided into chapters, each on one aspect of this weight loss program with a guide at the end of each chapter outlining the four important ideas the reader should take from the  section. These come under the heading of attitude, skills, action, and important notes. This allows the user to go directly to the part of the book with exactly what it is he needs to implement this program.

While the book doesn't bring anything particularly NEW to the table, ;-) he does bring it in a tight, lean format, and brings several strands of weight loss knowledge together making it much easier for the reader to see how they interrelate.

From suggestions on how to avoid excuses through making lists to what to do for exercise, this book has all of it in a short, easy to read format. There are also links to supporting tools, including a journal to make the process more complete.

My take

I actually enjoyed reading the book. When I said it was lean, I mean very lean and to the point. In fact, the whole of this book has less in it than many of the forwards and introductions in other weight loss books. But if you buy the book, you won't be cheated. All the material you need it there with no fat to clog your way. The print is large with lots of white space, making it easy for the reader to find exactly what they want to look up. There is no digging through extraneous material to find the gold nuggets of important or necessary information. 

Will this work for someone trying to lose weight? I don't know but I do know Myers covers a lot of material helpful to the process. I also know from personal experience it is easy to lose weight if you eat only when you are physically hungry and do fifteen minutes of exercise a day. Doing that might take more than just deciding to do it. This is where this book may well make a difference. It contains straight forward advice on how to deal with the little demons holding you back and gives practical advice and easy actions to help fight them.

I do recommend this book based on the format and how it ties so many ideas together. I can not comment on how well people will do following the advice in the book but I suspect following the processes in this book drastically improves one's chances at losing weight.

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