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Gorgeous cover of World of Shell and Bone

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Do you have books that you can point to and say, "This is what made me____"? Today we have a guest post by Adriana Ryan, author of The World of Shell and Bone, answering the question, "What three books made me want to be a writer?" But let's take a quick peek at Ryan's work first because I am so excited to share this new discovery with you!  Just the cover alone is gorgeous! Doesn't it make you want to take this book home and find out all about the girl? Really! The reviews are great, too!

So here's a peek into the book:

World of Shell and Bone
By Adriana Ryan

In a world ravaged by a nuclear holocaust, Vika Cannon knows there are no guarantees: no guarantees of safety, no guarantees that your neighbor is not actually a spy for the government, and no guarantees you’ll be allowed to emigrate to a new life in Asia.

New Amana is dying. Food and water are scarce, and people suffering from radiation-caused mutations—the Nukeheads—are the new class of homeless. 

Vika has just one purpose: to produce healthy progeny using a Husband assigned by the Match Clinic. Unhealthy children are carted away to Asylums to be experimented on, just as Vika’s little sister Ceres was, eight years ago. Parents incapable of producing healthy progeny are put to death in gas chambers.
When she’s assigned a Husband shortly after her twentieth birthday, Vika expects him to be complacent and obedient. But Shale Underwood has a secret. He is a member of the Radicals, the terrorist group intent on overthrowing the government. And Shale has information about Ceres.

As she learns more about the Rads’s plan, Vika finds herself drawn to Shale in ways she’d never imagined. When freedom calls in the way of a healthy pregnancy, will she betray her government and risk death for Shale and Ceres? 

Now doesn't that alone sound interesting? I can't wait to delve into this book! And you shouldn't either. Check out Adriana’s website and definitely hop over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy of World of Shell and Bone!

Now a quick post from Adriana Ryan:

Three Books That Made Me Want to Be a Writer:
There are so many books I’ve read and thought, “I wish I could suck all the talent out of that writer and infuse my mind with it!” But if I had to pick only three books that really inspired me to be a writer, I’d pick (in no particular order):

1. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I am an unrepentant Hemingway fangirl. I love the way he can say, in a sentence, what it would take most people (me included) ten pages. And he says it better, to boot. The man was amazing.

2. Any of Jodi Picoult’s books. She’s a fantastic writer, and I’ll be a diehard fan for life. When I picked up the first book I’d ever read by her, it felt like a transcendental experience. So THIS was what good writing, writing that really touches the heart, was all about! By the end of my career, if I’m half as good as her, I’ll be really thrilled.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. The first full-length book I ever wrote was a chick-lit, and it was unabashedly inspired by this book. I love Sophie Kinsella’s humor, and wholly credit her for inspiring me to finish that first novel.

About Adriana Ryan

Adriana lives and writes in beautiful Charleston, SC. A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, she enjoys alternately hitting up the historic graveyards and outlet malls. World of Shell and Bone is her first book.

Reach Adriana at her website, Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads. 

Buy World of Shell and Bone at: Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Kobo, Sony, and iBookstore will follow soon!


  1. Great books! I still have Sophie on my TBR list.

    1. I think you'll love Sophie Kinsella! Her sense of humor is out of this world. Very British!


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