Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Odd Places -- Indeed

Odd Places
A Collection of Short Stories
Guy Anthony De Marco
Yurei Press, LLC       June 2012

ISBN 978-62225-040-0

Available at Amazon

In this series of tales from the dark side, Guy Anthony De Marco presents vignettes of various lives: cowhands, magicians, farmers, streetwalkers, soldiers, detectives, robots, murderers, and even Santa puts in an appearance, but these folks are definitely not what you might expect.

DeMarco's sometimes more than slightly-skewed universe makes for interesting, if twisted, stories that tweak the imagination and take the reader in unexpected directions, to and from some very dark places. If you were a fan of The Twilight Zone, or Tales From the Dark Side TV shows, you'll probably be right at home.

It can be difficult to write short fiction.  Images and feelings need to be communicated as effectively as possible, so word choices matter.  By and large, De Marco does a good job with this, so the situations feel real, but if you're not into creepy, don't read it at home alone on a dark and stormy night.

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