Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Blue Butterfly of Climate Change

     While traveling recently I heard a report about a tiny, rare, blue butterfly found in the hills of the southwest United States.  The poor thing is about to go extinct because its habitat was growing smaller and then BOOM! A fire has possibly killed what few butterflies were left. So was this a man-made extinction? Not really. The habitat of this tiny creature has been shrinking for centuries - ever since the last big ice age (not the Little Ice Age of the 1600's) - and the Blue Butterfly has moved up in elevation to escape the rising temperatures. Then man comes along and, in his zeal to preserve the "natural" habitat,  suppresses fires until the Blue Butterfly's food supply is almost gone. You see, the butterflies depended on fires to clear overgrowth so their food supply could flourish. But now, with their numbers so low from lack of food, the fire, instead of helping, may have wiped them out. Oh, and the cause of the fire? Lightning. The interplay between natural climate change, man-made problems, and nature itself is almost impossible for man to understand, let alone balance. I just read a book by Geophysicist Terry W. Donze, "Climate Realism", that exposes how incredibly hard it is to find the true causes of climate change, the amount of change, and the actual contribution of man to that change.

Climate Realism
Climate Realism
Available in the UK!
By Terry W. Donze
Published by Xulon Press
Length 166 pages (5683 KB)

From Xulon Press:
     The threat of global warming has been promoted by both climate scientists and politicians alike for two age-old reasons: money and power. The media has been complicit in this agenda because alarmist headlines sell well. Is the planet really heating up? According to real data not so much, even cooling for the past decade or more. Is humanity causing climate change? Compared to natural forces, man’s output of greenhouse gases is miniscule. Alarmists scream about ice melting, seas rising, polar bears decreasing and hurricanes increasing, claiming salvation will be found by burning food for fuel, despite the actual outcomes of their predictions. They try to shut down debate of their studies because their funding grants may disappear if global warming is found to be a non-problem. Politicians fear loss of a powerful excuse to pass more laws and regulations to tax and control the citizenry. Yet the truth about motives and science will come out, as it always does. It is time to look at climate reality.

About the Book:
     From rising sun flares to CO2 levels to erupting volcanos, this books covers a majority of reasons our climate changes. With dozens of graphs and scientific studies, Donze, has provided enough material that the reader can get a balanced view on global warming and what it means. This does not mean this book is unbiased but it does give the reader access to information, solid information, usually unavailable through mainstream media. Explaining why the media and politicians quickly latched onto climate change (Check out Alar*), why so many scientists back global warming (for research) and why little is heard from the other side of the debate, Donze clearly states his case. (One note: The graphs did not show well on my Kindle but there are references for them in the book.)

My Take:
     The book has tons of information not usually seen in the climate change debate. I loved the graphs and references to outside, scientific studies (I am a wannabe geek!). While I haven't made up my mind about the issue of global warming, I did like seeing the other side of the issue written in such clear, easy to understand prose.  The only thing I didn't like was the use of 'alarmists' and while I know Donze is only referring to those people who swing into action based on emotions rather than facts, it was distracting. Most of the book is written in a scientific approach and not over-the-top emotionalism making this one term quite jarring.
     Make no mistake, this book is a case against global warming as a man-made issue entirely but does allow that the globe may be warming at times. I for one, am old enough to remember the global cooling scare several decades past and found this book refreshing in its approach for that reason. What is a heat island? How does that effect the data for rising temperatures? Do they make a difference over all? What is the thousand year high? The 10,000 year high? What does it have to do with global warming? Do co2 levels cause climate change or are they a result? Climate Realism answers these and so many other questions.

My recommendation:
     This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to see the global warming debate from a scientist that doesn't agree with the current mainstream thought. It is a great book for those who believe in man-made causes for global warming because it shows what the other side it thinking.  It is an excellent resource for those who simply want to know more simply because there are so many references for further study. This is a good read for anyone who can read at a high school level.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers.

*Whelan's campaign was so effective that today, "Alar scare" is shorthand among news media and food industry professionals for an irrational, emotional public scare based on propaganda rather than facts. 

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