Thursday, January 19, 2012

Each month "Supporting Authors One Read at a Time" magazine brings some of the best authors, books, and interviews to readers all over the world. This month is no exception with the interviews of  Matthew Wood, author of "The Day the Sun Stopped Shining," and Madeline Sloane, author of the "Women of Eaton" trilogy.

Along with these great interviews are articles about assorted things dealing with the world of books, including book clubs and a review of Kindle.

The one article which caught my eye in particular was "A Reviewer's Process" since I of course do reviews. If you've ever wondered how we review books or
if you are a reviewer and wonder if your process is the same as other reviewers, this is an article for you. You may learn some people are harder critics than others. For me, I try to judge a book within its genre since it is hard to give a great heart pounding Romance the same number of 'stars' as I would, say "Lord of the Rings" if they were to be placed against each other or give the same status to a good space opera when judged against "Tale of  Two Cities" but when each is judged in their own genre they can be outstanding. And let's face it, most of us stay within a few narrow genres when we read for pleasure.

If you would like to read the magazine you can find a PDF copy by clicking on the yellow link in our sidebar. If you would like to read it in electronic magazine form, go to Issuu where you find hundreds of online magazines. Don't forget to look at the back issues so you can learn about other superb authors!

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