Friday, May 16, 2014

Twists and Turns only Time will Tell

James Paddock has now combined two great books into a great package, Time-Travel Duo. I purchased the first book, Before Anne After, a while back and loved the book. When I got a notice that this book was for sale, I jumped at the chance to read it. Paddock has a writing style that makes everything so smooth and easy. You can slip into the book, become part of the story, and live in the action without even noticing. I spent two nights with little sleep as I devoured the second book of this duo.
     This is a time travel story, the first one about the mother and the second one about the daughter, which remain internally consistent. A difficult thing to do in this genre.

Book: Before Anne After:
By James Paddock
Length 668

About the Book:
      A pregnant Annabelle accidentally sends herself back in time by 44 years but blacks out during the trip, waking up sure of herself but not sure of where she is or what is happening around her. She is so sure that everything is all wrong when suddenly she goes into labor, four weeks early!
     Meanwhile, her husband is doing everything he can to find a way to retrieve her from the past with the help of a stranger who has simply shown up. The stranger refuses to tell Steven all that he knows and won't even really say why he refuses to tell him.
     Add to this a German spy who susses the truth before Anne does and you have a powerful story of intrigue, with twists and turns, and a treasure chest full of clues.

My Take:
     I simply loved this book. Maybe the ending wasn't to my liking exactly but the writing is superb. It must have taken me maybe two pages to get so hooked I couldn't put it down. I loved how clues and twists are laid from the very beginning of the story through to the very end. The interrelationships are so well done as the story unfolds and then refolds onto itself, that I found myself doing the "Aha" thing over and over.
(See the rest of this review under Before Anne After)

Time Will Tell:
By James Paddock
Length 499

Anne's baby, born in 1943 but raised in 1987 and beyond, has learned the truth of her birth and her mother (I am avoiding spoilers here in case you haven't read the first book yet). Married only seven months, Annie is now a widow, though not yet 20 years old (or 64 years old depending on how you count.) Finishing graduate school is the biggest thing on her mind - that, and trying to get over her husband's death in Iraq. But in short order, she has to worry about her Grandfather starting up a new time machine. He wants her in on the project but she refuses. To get away, she takes a cabin in Montana for the summer. Trouble is, you can't run away from trouble, particularly a troubled mind and soul.

My take:
Once again Paddock has come through with a great story, told with clear cut language, that engages the reader. The characters are full-bodied, with their own baggage and strengths. Paddock's strongest suit here is his ability to tell an interwoven story with no inconsistencies; that while the story twists and turns,  all of it makes sense in the end. I wanted to get through the book as fast as I could yet didn't want the tale to end. Those of you who love to read long books know what I mean. You want so badly to find out how things happen, devouring the book, yet you never want to leave this wonderful world full of people you love. Paddock has now written two books that make me sorry I ate them all up because now I have to wait for another one! Paddock, you keep me up all night long!
The only drawback to this wonderful book is, at least in the Kindle version, the number of typos in Time Will Tell. I don't remember seeing this so much in the first book.

My Recommendation: If you don't own Before Anne After, I suggest you buy this duo, Time-Travel Duo because I believe you will want to got straight from one to the other. This is a clean book with no cursing or much in the way of sex (one scene, between husband and wife, I believe.) and little violence. This book is an excellent time travel science fiction.

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