Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interview with writer of The Gaia Wars

We are always fortunate when an author takes the time to give an interview. Writing is hard but it is private work. Not all writers are comfortable talking about themselves or their work in public. Not that writing a book isn't baring your soul to the entire world, and not that writers don't hold their breath hoping it won't be torn to bits. But interviews can be so much more revealing and therefore scary.  On our website, we have added a page for author interviews. Please do check it out when you get a moment. In the meantime, I am posting our most recent interview Kenneth G. Bennett covering his recent release.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Camera Guy knows how to shoot.

An interesting horror book has come my way. I believe it would be a great Throw-away Thursday book. A light read, with a decent plot, interesting characters but a bit predictable.   If you like the hero versus demon plot, you may find this a quick, enjoyable read. I caution that there is some foul language but it is pretty tame considering the book is about cops! What would you do if you had to investigate murders and you could see to the spirits of those who were killed? The Camera Guy (By Richard Goodship) knows!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two books: Undercover War and Child Philosophy

I have two good books for you today. One is an oldie, first published in the United States in 1975. The second is a SciFi Romance (Yes, I know, I don't read Romances but...) newly published. Both are good reads though meant for totally different audiences. I hope one will be just right for you.

SciFi Saturday and Sensual Sunday all rolled into one with a new book from  K. S. Augustin.  War Games is a SciFi same sex Romance (with a capital R), that has a decent plot and graphic 
sexual encounters.

The other is a simple, charming book about a small child's love of life, her philosophy of all things around her including sex, God, church, relationships, and math.  This nonfiction is endearing.