Sunday, April 13, 2014

All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz

All Night Long was published in 2007 by GP Putman's Sons, New York.

My question to you is, what would you do if you were sixteen years old, and walked in to find your beloved dad had murdered your mom, and then took his own life?  The dad who was a stand up sheriff, and you daddy?  Not only were you out where you weren't supposed to be, but you tried to sneak in, and could hardly open the back door, only to turn on the light, and see the blood.

That's how this books starts...The young lady, Irene, moves away, grows up, marries and divorces, and all of a sudden; the friend, Pam, that dropped her off the night when her parents were killed, emails her that she needs to talk her.  So, Irene, who is now a reporter, buttons up her coat, and goes back to the town and the nightmare.  She stays at a lakefront cabin with unique lodge owner, Luke.

As she gets settled, she waits for her Pam to call.  Irene keeps calling Pam, and only receives voice mail.  This is what starts her to look into why her Pam doesn't call back-she goes to Pam's house, and finds her dead.  But, Irene feels that this is linked to her parents (not everyone believes her-thinks she is not right in her mind).

She and Luke discover that they both have issues, but they find themselves together.  The ending is shocking.  The who done-it is not who you think...

I would say that this is definitely a number 2 book; I enjoyed reading it, but could put it down and come back.