Friday, March 13, 2015

A.I.s - Are they the top of the intelligence chain?


What's new in the science fiction anthologies venue? How about this one launching today? "The A.I. Chronicles" takes on the fascinating idea of what happens when A.I.s actually become, well, A.I.s. While I haven't read this yet, I can't wait to do so since it's an area of science fiction that piques my interest.

Someone once said that computers that can think for themselves will become the death of our civilization because the A.I.s will figure out their makers are the only ones who can 'turn them off'. This always reminds me of an old television series called My Living Doll. Will they learn to outsmart us or will they simply destroy us?

For a thought experiment think of the reason intelligences from other planets haven't contacted us - could it be because humans are not the top of the intelligence chain? Could it be that other A.I.s on other worlds are waiting until the  day A.I.s rule this world. Just a thought…

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