Friday, May 17, 2013

Beirut: An Explosive Thriller

Beirut: An Explosive Thriller
Alexander McNabb
Publisher:  Alexander McNabb (Creative Space), 2012

ISBN-10: 1477586598
ISBN-13: 978-1477586594

Gerald Lynch isn't exactly what you'd expect if your concept of British Intelligence Services bears any resemblance to James Bond. Under a fairly rude and gruff exterior, beats the heart of a true adrenaline junkie, with extremely sharp instincts, more comfortable in a life and death situation than sitting in a meeting with "suits." Rarely does he care a lot what others think of him; he gets the job done and comes back, something many operatives don't get the chance to do. The problem with Lynch, however, is that he's not exactly the subtle type. He drinks, womanizes (that part's a bit of the old Bond), and has no interest in explaining his actions and expects to be able do do whatever is necessary, without micromanagement.

So when he's investigating what looks like a straightforward case of money laundering, and a member of his team is found dead, with a beautifully calligraphed note with the dead man's name on it, Lynch knows there has to be more to it. The note-making is the pattern of a now-dead strongman, ruthless and arrogant, who provided such notes for his "hits," Lynch is pretty sure he knows where to look, but Lynch's top candidate for the crime is politically connected; there are many, many suits between him and the answers, and some of the folks who won't stand up to the politics are inside Lynch's own organization.