Tonya's Review Policy

I have been reading books my whole life. I can remember as a little girl walking to the library with Grandma with a picnic. We'd pick out books, and go eat in the park right by the library. There we would sit in the shade and read our books. My Grandma always told me that if you read, you will never be alone.
She was right. I was a military wife for a while, and he was gone a lot! Everyone would ask me if I was lonely, and I'd say no, I'm reading.....
Now, I'm a single mother, and a professional for over 15 years in one position. My lunch breaks, and evenings are spent with a book (and my daughter). I don't care if they are used, old, new, or on my nook. If it's a good book, I'll read it!
I'm simple reader. I love romance, mystery, and some science fiction (as long as it has a good romance in it). I rate my books as
1) I can't put down. I will literally stay up to 3am to read it!
2) I can put it down, but want to come back.
3) I can put it down and not come back.

So, here's to my Grandma who taught me what a book means!!