Sunday's Review Policy

I love reading; I have since I first learned those lines conveyed meaning. I read everything I could get my hands on from books to the backs of cereal boxes. To this day, I read almost everything.

Now just because I read most everything, doesn’t mean I don't have preferred genres.  You are more likely to receive a review from me if you have a book that falls in my list of preferences.  If your book is well edited, you may send a request for a review to Be sure to put Request for a Review in the subject line and include a short description of the plot of the book and a link to a place where I can read a short excerpt from your book or include at least three pages of text within your email. If you have any doubt, look at my previous reviews.


Fiction -
Science Fiction
Mysteries but prefer not serial killer stories
Light Romance; think Phyllis Whitney not Nora Roberts (these should have real plots)
Time Travel where the time travel is center not something to hang a romance on.
Political but prefer a libertarian bent

Political (prefer a libertarian bent)

I don’t read or review:
Erotica of any kind (don’t even ask!)
Specialty books (cookbooks, sewing, carpentry; you get the idea. I will look at books about crocheting and writing books.)
Self-help/ relationship books

My ratings:
I loved, highly recommend, I want everyone to read this book  - 4.5 to 5 stars
I truly liked, enjoyed, I recommend this book, I believe you will be glad you read it -3.5 to 4.5 stars
I liked, I believe you will not be disappointed - 3 stars: 

Because I want to bring my readers the very best, I will not take up space publishing reviews that are not at least 3 stars. I publish my reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble , and other venues.