Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Journey into Hell: "Chasing the Cyclone"

Chasing the Cyclone
Peter Thomas Senese
Pacifica Publishing Dec 2011
428 pages

ISBN-10: 0975912348
ISBN-13: 978-0975912348

Available at Amazon

What would any of us do in a situation that's straight out of our worst nightmares? Your eight year old has been kidnapped by your spouse, taken out of reach, hidden from you. Every time you come close to finding her, she's gone again, further and further away. Who would you call to help? How would you go about trying to find them? In this ever-shrinking world, how many places could he be taken? This novel, inspired by an event in the author's own life, explores the startling landscape of the world in which “chasing parents” must live. It's a world that bears a definite resemblance to hell.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Books; Marie Harbon Interview

I love finding new authors and new genres but the expense of buying a book that I find isn't my cup of tea is sometimes enough to stop the exploring. For the longest time I wouldn't buy anything on Amazon because I couldn't pick up the book and thumb through it. That all changed when Amazon created the 'Look Inside' feature. Google has a large portion of the book online, so a reader can really get a good taste of the book. Many of the other booksellers have devised similar tactics.

Libraries are always a good source of books to read for free but the libraries tend to carry 'popular' books, meaning it isn't the best place to find new authors, though you might find someone you personally had not read.

Now many authors have their own websites, but can you get an understanding of what they may write from a website? Some authors I know don't even maintain their own website so it is probably not the best way to judge an author's work, although, in fairness, many authors have briefs from their books.

The Kindle or other ereaders now offer a low cost way to explore the world of new and different authors. Many authors see the advantage to giving away samples, short stories, and even first books in a series for little or no cost.  I have found some great writers this way. I just read something by Benjamin X. Wretlind and while it wasn't something I would normally read, I was extremely glad I did.

That brings me to our interview for  this week. Marie Harbon has written 'Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle' which is now free in the Kindle format until April 19th. You might want to stop and pick up a version just to test the waters on this author.

Thank you for stopping by our blog today, Marie.
You're welcome.

What can you tell us about yourself?
I’m a UK based author and screenwriter who writes mainly in the science fiction and paranormal genres, although I may break that rule from time to time. Apart from writing, my greatest passions also include fabric and stitching; I create bags, corsets and clothing in the vintage, retro and alternative style.