Sunday, May 13, 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying or did enjoy Mother's Day. This year, fortunately, my birthday did not fall on Mother's Day though my family tends to celebrate my birthday, my dad's birthday and Mother's Day all on the same day anyway. This year, we will not be doing that so perhaps I will catch up on all the things I have missed while I was away at the convention this last week.  We can only hope.

In honor of Mother's Day, I am bringing you an interview with Denise De Sio, the author of Rose's Will. The book focuses on a family, especially the mother.

 Welcome to A Book A Day Reviews Denise!

Congratulations on publishing your first novel. What are some of the main themes in “Rose’s Will?”

“Rose’s Will” explores the love, moral commitment, compassion, the quest for authenticity, and the choices that make or break us.

Rose D’Orsi is the central character in “Rose’s Will” but we see her only through the eyes of the other characters.This of course has been used before very effectively but tell us how you made the decision to use this style.

We all know people who have no ability to evolve, people who still believe exactly what they were taught when they were seven. At seventy, Rose is one big broken record, and giving her a voice would bore a reader to death! However, people like her don’t live in a vacuum. They have relationships. “Rose’s Will” concentrates on those relationships.