Friday, August 24, 2012

Mark of the Seer

Today's book is all about demons; no, not personal ones, real demons and the angels who, along with their human helpers, fight them!

Mark of the Seer
By Jenna Kay
Length 282
Publisher Crushing Hearts and                         
              Black Butterfly Publishing

From Amazon:
    All Clarity Miller wanted was a normal teenage life and everything seems to be going in the right direction until she meets Sam. Sam informs Clarity that he is her Guardian Angel and she has been given the gifts of a "Seer" but Clarity wants nothing to do with Magic or the Spirit Realm. However, when tragedy strikes her home town, she realizes she has a very important decision to make...

About the Book:

    Clarity Miller is an ordinary high school senior who wishes school wasn't about to start, who is in love with THE boy, who is having work and coworker issues, and whose best friend, Kora, has just dumped her loser boyfriend. Just as everyone is settling in to the school rhythm, a new boy shows up, smelling like lavender, the bluest eyes ever. Trouble is, this new boy, Sam, has a world changing offer for Clarity she doesn't want. And while Sam protects her from Kora's boyfriend and other trouble coming her way, ultimately Clarity must decide if she will take the step to join with the angels or continue her path of love and marriage without the overt protection Sam has given.  As evil moves into her world, Clarity's decision becomes ever more pressing. The battle between good and evil doesn't begin or end with her but her corner of the world needs her desperately.

My Take:
      The book is interesting and has a slightly new twist on old ideas. I love the Kora character and Clarity is someone with whom many of us will identify. Jenna Kay let's us see the dilemma Clarity faces and how she tries her best to think of all the options. I did find the excessive drinking of alcohol (to the point of getting drunk) a bit off- putting, especially in a book that seems to be destined to teach good versus evil, where sex before marriage is a very bad thing. 
      One thing books tend to do when dealing with school aged heros, particularly heros with new found power, is the books tend to pretend the everyday school world does not exist.  This book shows both the school life and its troubles as well as the supernatural side of our heroine's life. 

This would be best suited for young adults who have an interest in angels and demons. The high school stuff seems quite realistic to me.