Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Story Behind World War-D

I've just posted an interview with Jeffrey Dhywood, author of World War-D at in our "Author Bits and Interviews" section.  There were some very personal reasons that led him to create this book, and probably not the ones you might assume:

Here's a small sample:

...I failed her even though I knew all along that I could save her, or could I? I was too timid and feared to impose on her, while she was waiting for me to grab her back to life, back to light, or was she? On the day of her funeral, I was walking painfully towards the cemetery, my steps and my mood getting heavier and heavier as I got closer, until I couldn’t stand it anymore and told myself “What for? She is dead now! Too many lives have been lost already.” I turned back almost running, with a feeling of elation and relief, with a weight taken off my chest; I had chosen life, I had turned my back to death. Or was I running away? Or both?

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