Friday, November 15, 2013

The Twilight Swimmer Friend, Foe, or Alien?

      I have been, for the last several weeks, moving my office things from room to room, as I get the new furniture I bought last month. Hopefully, by the middle of next week, I will have an office set up again. In the meantime, books seem to get swallowed by other books - picture the old animation of the little fish being swallowed by a fish that is being swallowed by a bigger fish being swallowed by a yet bigger fish (does anyone but me even remember that?) and you will have an idea of what seems to be happening in my house. I do need to send some of my books away since I don't have time for the new, let alone the old. And as a friend said to me recently, "Books are meant to be READ." I did part with over 600 books last May. I swear I only kept the 1,000 or so books I thought I would use (dictionary, Spanish language) or read again (Ender's Game, Heinlein's work) or read for the first time(Some Clancy, King). The thing is, with this blog and all the wonderful new writers out there, I haven't had time for all the new. How can I ever hope to get to back to the old? Still, I see light at the end of the office moving tunnel, and hope for all the authors who are standing in line for my promised reviews.
    The fish analogy is appropriate since the first book in this queue is The Twilight Swimmer by A. C. Kavich. This is not a romance, not a paranormal tale, not a mystery, yet it has all three of those elements. An easy, uncomplicated read, with less depth than the first pages might lead the reader to believe but far more complicated than a tale of high school love.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life Under the Jaguar Sun

How this little book, Jaguar Sun by Martha Bourke, slipped under the bottom of my reading pile (especially since I use a Kindle) I will never know.  But I found it there, calling my name, weakly since I had ignored it for so long! I couldn't let it lie there a moment longer. Now I have read both this book and a book by Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell and it is time to do some sharing!  We will start with Jaguar Sun and in the next few days I will add Dark Moon.