Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Run-Away Couple

Reading books set in different places and by authors from other countries allows the reader to experience language and slang that is wholly new. Even if your native language lies within the covers of those books and the author speaks her native English, new ways of speech and idioms pop out.  I enjoyed this about Maggie Tideswell's novella - the little language surprises.  Tideswell's tight and colorful writing creates an air of being in South Africa

Most of my readers know that I don't read Romance or Erotica but if you do, take a peek at The Run-Away Couple. There is more than one surprise in this sweet tale. And there is plenty of passion, ghosts, and scary passages for everyone.

A snippet for you:

Lightning flashed through the tiny leaded windows, followed a few moments later by rumbling thunder. That musty, earthy smell of old buildings hung in the air. That must be what the inside of a grave smelled like. Goosebumps covered Piper's arms. There was no railing, leaving a pit around which the stairs curved. Piper leaned against the stone wall until the wave of nausea eased. It was eerily quiet. Piper heard slow footsteps on the stairs below her. Somebody real was in the stairwell with her. Piper ran up the last few steps to her floor. About to rush for her door, she staggered half a step back when it creaked open and a woman came out of her room. The woman had a basket in one hand like a chambermaid but cleaning rooms at this time of night? The woman wore a long black cloak, the hoody of which had been pulled up over her hair and face. Who was she? "Hello, can I help you?" Piper said. The woman partially turned her head and peered at Piper past the hoody with a very clear blue eye. When she heard something behind her, Piper spun around and screamed.