Friday, July 13, 2012

Something Special for YOU!

Today we are part of Stacy Eaton's book launch of "Whether I Live or Die", her latest in a long line of good books. It is always a delight to bring my readers new books or new authors but, it is really exciting to be part of a book launch party! I've been to several launches but I've missed some, too, because you have to be at a certain place, often hundreds of miles away, at a certain time and date. However this one is a virtual book launch so everyone can join in! Yea!
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You may remember the book review I did of "My Blood Runs Blue" back in February.  We also have an interview with Ms. Eaton -fourth one down on our Author Bits page. Maybe you'd like to go straight to the source and be a part of all the fun today! Just pop on over to her own web page Stacy Eaton, Author: Whether I'll Live or Die has been Released! to see what everyone is talking about today. There are prizes galore and more information just a click away! Or see some of the early reviews here: Whether I’ll Live or Die | Stacy Eaton, Author.

For those of us who like good drama and police action stories, this is one author we need to keep near the top of our list. This new book revolves around domestic abuse and if the early reviews say anything, they say how real the story is, how much it brings the reader right into the action. As a police officer herself, Eaton knows her subject matter well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Every Last Kiss and breath

Some books are just enjoyable, fun, and easy to read. Even some of the more involved books are simply enjoyable having no thought of being anything but entertaining with maybe a splash of history or science thrown in for flavor. These are the kind of books you sail right through. They are pager turners, one more chapter, another ten minutes I promise type of books. They allow you to live in the story, be part of the action, know the characters without asking a lot of you in return.  Books like the Harry Potter series and Startide Rising whisper their story to us and all we need to do is turn the page.  Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole was that kind of book for me. Reading almost straight through without a break - well, I did sleep...once - I found myself wanting more at the end. Don't get me wrong, the story was complete.  It's just there is more to come and I want it.

Every Last Kiss
by Courtney Cole
Published by Lakehouse Press
ISBN 0615487076
Pages 250

Please note that the first line in the book description on Amazon is a spoiler and I have left it off of this book description.  Might I suggest you not read the one at Amazon if you decide to read the whole series.