Saturday, May 24, 2014

Special Price on Time-Travel Duo by Paddock

     James Paddock has now combined two great books into a great package, Time-Travel Duo. Many of you have seen the review I have done of the Paddock time-travel books, so this is just a heads up on the fact you can get both books for just a bit more than the cost of one! If you haven't seen the reviews, please continue to read. These are great books!
      I purchased the first book, Before Anne After, a while back and loved the book. When I got a notice that this book was for sale, I jumped at the chance to read it. Paddock has a writing style that makes everything so smooth and easy. You can slip into the book, become part of the story, and live in the action without even noticing. I spent two nights with little sleep as I devoured the second book of this duo.
     This is a time travel story, the first one about the mother and the second one about the daughter, which remain internally consistent. A difficult thing to do in this genre.

Book: Before Anne After:
By James Paddock
Length 668