Thursday, January 30, 2014

Queen and Commander of the Hive

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As promised, I am introducing you to another book that walks the line between totally serious and a farce. This middle ground is where readers find books with substance and a light touch; where the drama doesn't overwhelm the reader and the humor doesn't drown the tense emotions. Janine A. Southard's "Queen and Commander" delivers a compelling story concept with interesting world building complete with a unique society structure. She does all this without burring the reader in pages of description and instead lets the reader learn through immersion; a technique I love.  

Queen and Commander (The Hive Queen Saga)
By Janine A. Southard
ISBN-13: 9780988646858

About the Book:
Test Day, the big day where all sixteen year olds discover what society feels they should do for the rest of their lives simply based on the answers of the Test. And that is what those sixteen year olds will do no matter their personal plans or desires.  No one can study for the test, or so society tells everyone, but maybe, just maybe, a Perceiver could if she was really,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Portals in The Space Between

I love good, light hearted reads. Like so many television shows and movies, the stretch from deadly serious to completely slapstick covers a lot of territory. Take cop shows for instance. The road runs from Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Blue Bloods. Somewhere in the middle resides NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles; while closer to Blue Bloods, the humor of those shows keep it lighter. Then we have S.H.I.E.L.D. - lighter still- and Chuck before we get to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. All of these were shows I watched, but for different reasons. Books run this distance as well and if you are in the mood for a middle of the road Science Fiction that has some seriousness coupled with a light touch, I have two for you.  "Queen and Commander" by Janine A. Southard tells a tale of six young people who get their own spaceship and go off to see the universe.  "The Space Between" by Scott J. Robinson relates the story of an invasion of earth and other worlds. All these worlds just happen to be connected by a magical gateway. Both are entertaining reads, well developed and containing interesting settings. Today I will introduce: