Friday, October 9, 2015

Interview with Karla Tipton

It has been awhile since we've done an author interview. Today we are welcoming Karla Tipton, author of the Dangerous Reflections, a time travel mystery involving a modern-day college graduate student, who stumbles into a world of magic mirrors, evil wizards, and English alchemy and discovers love along the way.

     Set in in present-day Pennsylvania and Edwardian London, Dangerous Reflections tells the story of Martie Harris, a university graduate student in psychology who inherits a magic wand and seeks to solve a mystery left in a letter by her dying grandmother. With the help of her former Ph.D. advisor, the dark wizard Marcus Cirksena, Martie time travels through the aid of magic and mirrors to London in 1910, where she attempts to save her grandmother by stealing the Philosopher’s Stone and its life-giving elixir from a handsome wizard named Alastor.

      A fast-paced romantic adventure packed with alchemy, illusion and family secrets, Dangerous Reflections explores relationships and illustrates how our perception of others changes what we see, and ultimately feel, about them. The novel builds around a number of intriguing characters, whose motives are slowly revealed against the turbulent setting of magic and mysticism in turn-of-the-century England. Tipton develops a story notable for its dramatic descriptions and finely nuanced atmosphere and surrounds the reader in the world she has created, keeping the tension perfectly balanced all the way to the novel’s climactic finish.Dangerous Reflections
by Karla Tipton

ISBN 978-1502812377